Q: What is Emulated: Pylons?

A: It’s a VR Shooter/Quest game that you can play on your VR enabled Android Device using Google Cardboard compatible head set or Gear VR headset and gamepad controller. VR box type controllers are also supported but they are a little bit hard to setup and offer limited control.

Q: Why is the Gear VR controller not supported?

Gear VR controller only has one usable button. Would you enjoy playing the game where you can only shoot? If the answer is yes then you are not a gamer. We suggest you download one of million wave zombie shooters.

Q: Is it Google Daydream compatible?

A: You can play it with Google Daydream View headset, but you would still need another gamepad. Emulated is build using Google Daydream technology, however Google Daydream controller was not build for FPS games that’s why you would need to have another gamepad/controller.