Q: What is Emulated: Pylons?

A: It’s a VR Shooter/Quest game that you can play on Gear VR and  VR enabled Android Device using Google Cardboard compatible head set. The game is set in the future where you act as an operative of an elite anti virus unit with objective to get Emulated into the core system and capture the communication pylons to gain control of a fallen city called Scertanic.


Q: Is it Google Daydream compatible?

A: You can play it with Google Daydream View headset, but you would still need another gamepad. Emulated is build using Google Daydream technology, however Google Daydream controller was not build for FPS games that’s why you would need to have another gamepad/controller.

Q: Is there a plan to make more games in the EMULATED universe?

A: Yes. We are constantly working on improving and expanding the EMULATED universe. One of the big goals that we are aming for is to create an awesome multiplayer experience based on EMULATED: Pylons. So stay tuned.

Q: I have an idea/suggestion about EMULATED. How can I contact you?

A: Use the contact form on our website. Or tweet to us.